Short Visit to Brussels
Manneken Pis

Short Visit to Brussels

Recently I was in Brussels for a few hours. The special capital of Belgium. The actual Brussels is actually not that big, if you look at the number of inhabitants of Brussels. That is about 180,000. What everyone sees as Brussels are in its totality a combination of 19 separate municipalities. Together these municipalities have 1.2 million inhabitants. What really makes Brussels special is its two languages. The city has two official languages, these are Flemish (Dutch) and French. The European Union sits in the city and NATO is very present in the city. And although this is all very interesting, a normal mortal will not visit these two agencies so quickly. Certainly not if you are only a few hours in the city.

Peyo smurf museum
Smurf on a mushroom

Where have I been? I had parked my car in a garage at the central station in Brussels. From there you can walk through a passage, at the entrance where I walked in was the Smurfs museum. My children are no longer age, but for young children this is a nice exhibition to visit. The retail spaces in this

Urban exploration
Explored Hall

passage are largely empty. It does give a nice picture, especially if you like urban exploration. Now this is a freely accessible place in the middle of the city. For training, this works, of course, as far as I am concerned. From here you walk across a square with several cafes and simple eateries. After a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich, I went looking for a hot tourist information desk. You can find

Grote Markt Brussel
Grand Place Brussel

this at the Grote Markt. On the picture you see in the middle about a tower on a building, below you find the desk. Here you can get all the information about the city and its events and sights. In front of the door several people are making round trips and the like to the tourist. I bought a ticket here. Not so much for this day, I am only short in the city but it is a nice way to prepare a future visit. Then I went to explore the area around the Grote Markt. I went to see the statue of “Manneken Pis” briefly. But always when I go to

Brussels mannetje
Manneken Pis
Op ware grote
Manneken in Size

see it he stands up as you can see him here. The statue always has a great interest, which always

Oude Gallrie
Old Gallery

amazes me for the size of the sculpture. The figurine regularly receives clothes that belong to special occasions, personally I have never seen that. I always think, next time he will have something on, but unfortunately.


While wandering through the center of the city, I also came across one of the older galleries in Europe. These are the old covered shopping centers that exhale the true history. You can find them in many large cities in Europe, this one in Brussels is very atmospheric.
And after a few hours of walking through this city you can easily have something tasty to eat in one of the many eateries in the center. There is something to suit everyone’s taste. After this meal I quickly went to the airport and then back home.

Rausterant Street
Street Food
Airport overview
Small Airport Overview



I'm a photographer in the dutch 3 border region. I started photographing about 30 years ago as a student. At that time I shot a lot of sports, but I did also shot nature, macro and just pictures in the street with my second hand Praktica. Later on I got a Canon eos 1000fn and a eos 50e. Unfortuanally my gear got stolen. Nowadays I'm using a Nikon D7200 just for photographing. I also use a Lumix GX80 for street and some filming. Hope you like it.

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