Water in Aachen
Karlsbrunnen in front of the old Cityhall of Aachen.

Water in Aachen

It was a rainy and overcast day when I decided to view and photograph fountains in Aachen. Why fountains you might wonder, there is so much more to experience in this city. That is true, of course, and as a regular visitor of this city, I do not live so far away, I will definitely show other subjects of this city in the future. But why water?

Aachen is also called Bath Aachen. This is due to the sulphurous water that rises above this and has a temperature of about 59 degrees Celsius. This was already known to the Romans and Aachen seems to be a corruption of the Latin word for water, aqua. If you walk through the city you will encounter several references to this past and in different places you can see the history through archaeological windows that are sometimes found on the street but also in shops. These windows give a view in the past of the city.

It is the water that gave me the idea to walk through the city and see and photograph striking fountains. One of the most special fountains I have, unfortunately, because it was wrapped by a formwork , because there were construction work in the neighborhood, can not photograph. It is the Poppen fountain that stands near the Dom. This fountain shows a picture of events in the city. When I can photograph it I will update this article so that this particular fountain also has a place in this article.

Fishpüddelchen on the old fishmarket of Aachen.

I start my walk at the fish market. Here is the Fischpüddelchen on an approximately 2.5 meter high plinth. A fairly small picture of a boy who dives a fish under each arm . These fish spit water as you can see on the male’s picture.

The Möschebrunnen as the inhabitants of Aachen called this fountain.

I walk through the gate of the Dom and before this Cathedral I go to the right. On (more…)

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